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Our Unique Features

ArcTeach is not a typical online school of English. Unlike most sites that only have a directory of teachers to choose from using different curriculums, ArcTeach works as one, from managers and teachers up to the students themselves.

Booking System

Our automatic booking system allows our students to book classes hassle free within seconds.

Free Study Materials

Hundreds of tailored and carefully researched instructional materials made are available for free for our students of all ages.

Live Support

Our team will be happy to assist you with your concerns! You can also chat with Arcana and find out more about ArcTeach.

Study Anywhere

Lessons are compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Study in the comfort of your home.

Created for Online Education

All classes are held only in English,
and our interactive board will make your training
process more interesting and easier to follow.


ArcTeach Online School of English

ArcTeach School provides a new opportunity to learn
English online by Skype with native speakers in the comfort
of your home. Our site has the simplest and the most
comfortable way to study English using interactive materials.


Why ArcTech?

When you study with ArcTeach, you’re not only connected to the teacher but the whole online school itself. All our teachers follow the same curriculum, so you won’t have to start over when learning with a different teacher. With our flexible courses, you can customize your own and create one that’s suited for you with the help of our qualified teachers. The whole team is ready to provide you with quality learning experience unlike any other, for an affordable price.

Access to high quality language education for all our students is our goal as well as ensuring the best possible level of student satisfaction.
We collaborate only with professional teachers to help you master English and reach the highest standards in the shortest time.
All you need to get started is access to a computer with a microphone and earphones connected, and the willingness to learn. Our system will do most of the work so you can focus on learning the language.

Our Services

Don’t know where to start? Choose from these plans and find the one that suits you.

This plan is perfect for students with busy schedules. You can buy just 1 lesson, or several lessons and book it whenever you’re ready.
This plan is perfect for students who wish to share their lesson credits with their friends. Students can buy a set of lessons, share it amongst themselves and have 1 on 1 lessons with their teachers whenever they’re ready.
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English for Everyone

Break down language barriers,
Build fluency and confidence in English with,
ArcTeach Online School of English today!